Random Musings From the Road – Leg 7


1. I was kind of disappointed. There was no “Welcome to Washington” sign. On the bridge on I-5, it just said “Entering Washington” on a small green sign. I wanted to be welcomed!

2. Two days ago, I mentioned that I’d be curious to see what littering signs work best. Washington’s is kind of funny: Litter and it will hurt.  I read that one as “Litter and I will END YOU”.

3. There are Three Copper Monuments on the side of the road. They were pretty random. Apparently they are paying tribute to Mother Theresa, victims of the Holocaust, and American Indians.

4. This is the first leg where I didn’t worry about running out of gas because I couldn’t find a gas station. I was in some pretty remote areas on this trip, but the journey from Portland to Seattle was very urban. So there were gas stations along the whole trip. Less stressful.

5. A couple of times there was this sign that said “Entering to away zone. No parking next [number] miles.” So… you can park on an interstate in Washington? Cars are always towed if they are left on the interstate and not claimed in a three days. I don’t get it.

6. I saw them in one other state too, but today on I-5 I saw “Speedometer Check” sections. I was curious as to how these would work, so I looked up the directions. Okay, so it’s Yahoo Answers, but the response makes sense. That being said, it seems like a lot of work. And yet, states are worried about texting while driving.

7. West coast states like to use “city center” rather than downtown.

8. I-5 rest stops are interesting. Charities work with DOT to schedule time where they bring donated goods including coffee, brownies, granola, and tea and then give those treats to visitors for free. But then they ask for donations in return. I asked if they come out ahead and it seems that because all of the goods are donated and then they keep the donated cash, they do. Like I said, interesting.

9. Just over a hill approaching exit 156 was when the city first appeared in my sights. It was amazing!! Yay!!