Random Musings From the Road – Leg 6


1. I drove along the Columbia River from Pendleton to Portland. I am so glad I stopped last night rather than driving straight through. I would have been so disappointed if I had missed the sights along the river. Seriously awesome. There was a lot of brown, but I wonder what it would look like if it was spring/summer and it was all green? I really can’t say it strongly enough, the drive was amazing. Congrats Oregon, you win.

2. There’s also a tree farm along the interstate. It was interesting to me to see all of these trees lined up perfectly in straight lines and all the same heights. Especially since it went on for about ten miles. Hey, I’m easily intrigued.

3. Falling Rocks, Fallen Rocks and Rocks. Three different signs to talk about the danger of rocks. It made me wonder, how do they choose which one to use? Also, if they choose Fallen Rocks, how do they know that rocks will fall in future to install this permanent street sign written in the past tense? Seems like the sign installers have some psychic abilities.

4. Also, for the first time in all the times I’ve seen those types of signs, I actually saw rocks falling.

5. I passed three dams in the journey. All of them are very patriotic. I had no idea that intercontinental dams represented our country so proudly.

6. There’s a part of WB I-84 around mile marker 95 where there is water on both sides of the roadway. It’s kind of like you’re driving in the river.

7. Diverting onto Historic US-Highway 30 to see the waterfalls was totally worth it.

8. Deschutes Brewery in Portland has a very tasty selection right now. And their food was really good. I’d recommend.