Random Musings From the Road – Leg 5


1. Idaho smells. Seriously. The entire state smells like animals. I noticed the stench before I even saw an animal. And it lasted through the entire drive.

2. I noticed when I got to Idaho a sign that says “Idaho is too great to litter.” All the other states just listed a fine for littering. The economist in me really wants to do or see if there is a study that reveals whether the statements about fines or the statement appealing to state beauty is more effective.

3. I stopped in Twin Falls to grab lunch and see a famous bridge. Apparently its a very popular bridge to BASE jump off of. I was actually pretty disappointed when I didn’t see any BASE jumpers. The bridge is over a canyon and Snake River. Very pretty. Also, the people of Twin Falls decided to put a golf course at the bottom of the canyon and a strip mall at the top of it. Take that, Arizona. Your canyon doesn’t have a golf course and a strip mall. #justsayin

4. I saw a traveler from Michigan. Someone else making a long cross country trip too!

5. Apparently all of Oregon is full service gas stations. Personally, I find full service gas stations annoying. Especially when they leave your car and forget about you.

6. Oregon has a rest area attached to Deadman Pass. I didn’t stop at that one. Would you?

7. I-84 mostly follows the Oregon Trail. So, which do you want to do? Ford the river or caulk the wagon and float?