Random Musings From the Road – Leg 4


1. Decided to visit Great Divide Brewing while in Denver. Good beer. Not so good neighborhood. I was actually more nervous walking to this brewery than I was walking in Detroit. Needless to say, I didn’t walk back.

2. Visited Root Down for dinner. Had the Butternut Squash Risotto and a complete foodgasm. Seriously, it was a spectacular blend of flavors and was cooked absolutely perfectly. I really wish they could ship me some on a weekly basis.

3. Upon returning to my hotel room, I discovered that it smelled of pot. Way to make the most of your trip fellow travelers.

4. Episode #10 of Serial dropped!

5. The drive through Wyoming was absolutely beautiful. Seeing that scenery is one of the reasons I love road tripping so much.

6. Wyoming gas is expensive. So are their oil changes. And why is regular unleaded grade 85 out here and plus is 87? On the east, regular unleaded is always 87.

7. One of the rest stops warned me to beware of rattlesnakes. Thinking they should have told me that before I stopped there.

8. Utah. Can’t say I ever thought I would visit. But here I am. I stopped at a rest stop to walk around for awhile (sitting was starting to get to me). And a nice man saw me pacing and texting and asked if I was alright. Thank you nice man for checking on me!

9. Driving through the Utah mountains is nicer than the West Virginia mountains. However, there are a couple of curious things. First, apparently there is frequent wildlife crossing on the interstate? Seems like the wildlife doesn’t understand that getting hit at 80mph isn’t awesome. Second, the road is between the side of a mountain and a concrete barrier. The barrier is constructed from those triangle shaped blocks that seemed to be used as temporary dividers during construction. I am really hoping that they were permanently attached to the road in some way because it seems like if you were going fast enough and ran into them, they’d easily get pushed over the side of the mountain and then so would you.

10. Utah has the grossest bathrooms.

11. Park City, Utah looks like an REI on the side of a mountain.

12. Seriously, can someone please send me some of that risotto?