Random Musings From The Road – Leg 1


I’m road tripping by myself again and a new friend suggested that I blog about it. I, of course, said no as I’m not a writer. But as Day 1 of my trip went on, I had random thoughts about things I was seeing but no one to share them with. Since I’ve been doing fairly okay with these list posts as of late, I decided to note my random thoughts and scribe them for you all at the end of each leg of my trip.

So, on my journey from Charlotte to Nashville, here’s what popped up:

1. I drove through the Smoky Mountains and they were actually smoking. Since the name really comes from the fact that they have a lot of fog, it was funny to me when I came upon actual smoke in the mountains. Someone must have been burning something. Still funny.

2. New Mexico has a very bright yellow license plate.

3. There’s a river that I passed three times called French Broad River. The first time I saw it I read it as French Bread River. My version was tastier.

4. Harriman, Tennessee encountered it’s very first traffic accident today. I know this to be true because I made a pit stop there and came upon the one car fender bender. On the shoulder. On the other side of the road. Meaning out the flow of traffic. Since all of the cars in front of me were completely debilitated and refused to drive, I’ve concluded that they were clearly in awe of this accident and it must be the first they’ve ever seen.

5. I’m listening to an audiobook that is based in Australia and focuses heavily on elementary school. It brings up their school year and the fact that they break in December. So I looked it up and Australia’s summer break is mid-December through January. Thus, it includes Christmas and New Years. Obviously it completely makes sense since their seasons are opposite that of the U.S., it just hadn’t occurred to me.

6. If I had lots of money I would buy billboard advertising like the “God” ones that have more generic inspirational quotes. Like: “Be kind. Seriously. Just be kind.”

7. I really should do a better job at contributing to online reviews. I use them often and should really give back.

8. There are, in fact, official road signs that tell you you’re entering a new time zone. Always wondered about that.