A blog for the non-writer

In case there’s any confusion, I am not a writer. Short of a landing page headline or update text/release notes for an app, I really struggle to get pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, if you will). Its not so much that I don’t have the talent to write. I do think that when I really, really focus and dedicate time to it, I can conjure up a good story or two. But its that requirement of focus and time. I guess the truth is, its just not enjoyable to me.

I’ve always said that my brain thinks faster than my mouth can talk. I believe its also true that my brain thinks faster than I can type. And then I’m one of those people who edits while I write. I know the right thing to do is just to get all the words out and go back. Believe me, I do that too. But I also spend an exhaustive amount of time editing while I am getting the words out.

So how do you have a blog when you don’t enjoy blogging? I’ve pondered this for a while and I hope I’ve figured it out:
1. Short posts. 1 – 2 paragraphs max. If I set that expectation for myself, I won’t feel like I’ve failed if that’s all I have the attention span for.
2. Quotes. I have my own (from my several failed book attempts – remember, non-writer) plus others that I think are inspiring.
3. Projects that I start. Or photos from my adventures.

And look at that. I got two whole paragraphs and an ordered list created before I’m now ready to move on to something else. Success!